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On Fridy, December 8th; Imam Aymen Elkasaby gave a sermon at the Islamic Center of Jersey City that dealt with the latest developments surrounding the status of Jerusalem. The sermon was described as "hate-filled" by various media sources. The Islamic Center of Jersey City has a longstanding commitment to interfaith work with our brothers and sisters of other religious communities. We continue to be dedicated to this commitment, and we sincerely thank our interfaith community for helping us to tear down walls and build bridges. It is by working together that we can positively impact the beautiful fabric of this country.  A true Muslim who believes in the scriptures would never call for the genocide of any people let alone the children of Israel, or denigrate people whose sacred history is the Muslim's sacred history. Their leader, Prophet Moses is more honored than all of the followers of Muhammed; Mary, a Jewish woman (may peace be upon her) is better than all the women of the followers of Mohamed (Quran 3:42) We welcome all to the mosque to hear the Imam speak about how the Quran perceives Prophet Abraham, the history of the children of Israel, Moses, Jesus and Mary (of blessed memory, may God's peace be upon them all) With this background, the Imam whose Friday speech was quoted, could have been spoken better. The Imam regrets the speech and the Islamic Center of jersey City disavows unconditionally any insinuation that denigrates people or that advocates violence against any person. The Islamic Center of Jersey City is currently investigating this issue and other inflammatory statements made by the Imam prior to this incident. I acknowledge, as does Imam Elkasaby, that there are people who commit violence in the name of Islam as there are people who commit violence in the name of other religions. we stand in opposition to the use of religious texts to justify violence against any people. As the Quran teaches us (Quran 5:32) I condemn the statements made by the Imam, which falsely demonize an entire group of people. I also denounce the misapplications of scripture to present times. Furthermore, it is our advice to the Muslim-American community that Imams should not use scripture to discuss political issues such as Jerusalem if the Imams do not have comprehensive political understanding of such subjects. Framing Jerusalem as a purely religious issue is inaccurate and oversimplifies a complex historical and political question. The following steps are being taken to address the issue:

​1. This statement will be posted on the Islamic Center's website. 

2. Imam Aymen Elkasaby has been suspended without pay for one month. 

​3. The Imam must undergo training with Imams with more interreligious experience. 

4. The Imam will be permitted to deliver sermons only upon approval from the Imam's Council of the Metropolitan Area and by Dr. Ali Chaudry, leader of the NJ Interfaith Coalition. 

5. A statement will be delivered by Imam Aymen Elkasaby, together with an English translation, expressing clarification and regret and making it clear where the Imam stands on issues of religious violence and inter religious cooperation. 

6. A public event of unity will be hosted in the near future to reassure the interfaith community of our commitment to maintaining our strong relationships locally and nationally. 

​7. Public events oriented around inter religious cooperations for the religious communities of Hudson County, especially between the Islamic Center of Jersey City, Temple Beth-El of Jersey City and other Jewish institutions of Hudson County (with the participations of other communities) will be held. 

The Islamic Center of Jersey City is working with its interfaith partners to ensure that there is no hatred in any  mosques, temples, churches or other houses of worship in Jersey City. Our interfaith community will not accept attempts to divide us. 

Ahmed Shedeed 

President of ICJC 


Friday May 18th 2018

Dr. Mohamed Omara

Friday March 30th 2018

Dr. Farghal Ali 

Friday May 11th 2018

Dr. Farghal Ali

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Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association
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The Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association issued the following statement on December 25, 2017:
Two sermons recently delivered by the new imam at the Islamic Center of Jersey City (ICJC)  have made news because the language he used was inflammatory and demonized a group of people.  The Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association joins with the Islamic Center of Jersey City in disavowing unconditionally any and all statements that denigrate people or that advocate violence against any person.  We stand together in affirming our shared goal and vision to achieve and maintain peace and harmony within our local community and beyond.  
The Islamic Center of Jersey City immediately dealt with this situation internally and has made every effort to partner with our interfaith coalition, and especially with the Jewish community.  The ICJC’s statement is included below and is also on the home page of the Islamic Center of Jersey City web site in its entirety (www.icjc.net).  We applaud the ICJC's transparency and concrete actions in an effort to bring healing and strengthen trust.  We pledge to be their partners in this endeavor.
To this end, on December 14, ICJC leaders including Imam Aymen Elkasaby and ICJC President Ahmed Shedeed went to Temple Beth-El to meet with Jewish and Christian clergy leaders, demonstrate remorse, and discuss steps to appropriately address what occurred.  In addition, on December 21, a meeting took place at the Islamic Center that included Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders from throughout New Jersey.  At both meetings, Imam Elkasaby expressed regret and apology and unequivocally denounced violence. The ICJC, the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association of Hudson County and other faith leaders from New Jersey have begun to design and implement an educational program to address issues of ​engaging and promoting religious diversity and pluralism.  Such meetings will continue.
It is our interfaith community's close and long-standing relationship with one another that are enabling us to work together in an effort to turn this moment into an opportunity to fight extremism and to promote interreligious partnership and tolerance.  We are grateful to Ahmed Shedeed and the Board of the Islamic Center of Jersey City for reaffirming their longstanding commitment to interreligious cooperation.  The Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association remains dedicated to a religious community that affirms mutual respect and acceptance and will continue to speak out against intolerance, hatred and violence.

​Friday April 27th 2018

Dr. Farghal Ali

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