The purpose of the center is to establish Islam as outlined in the Holy Quran and identified by the Prophet Mohamed's tradition.

The center carries out religious, cultural, educational, economical,social,  athletic, and other activities pertaining to the realization of Islam as a complete way of life. 

The centers book store has a large line of various books in english and arabic from the past and present Islamic scholars in every category of the Islamic knowledge. Also the Centers bazar carries a wide variety of groceries used in everyday house holds. 

Book Store

  • Sunday School
  • Dar Al-Qran classes
  • Holy Quran Memorization "Kotab"
  • Tajweed Classes 
  • English Lectures
  • weekly Family night
  • Ietekaf every month

All activities

Check out our latest photos of different events and activities by the Islamic Center of Jersey City. 

Contact Us

Islamic Center of Jersey City

17 Park Street

Jersey City, NJ, 07304

[201 4335000]

Eqamah Times

Fajr: 15 Minutes after Azaan          ​Duhr: 12;40 PM                                 

Asr: 10 Minutes after Azaan           

Maghrib: 10 Minutes after Azaan  

Ishaa: 7:30 pm                                  

​Jumaa: Khutba 1:15 PM                  

              ​Eqamah 2:00 PM                            

Friday Prayer April 24th Dr. Farghal Ali ,

Friday Prayer April 17th Dr. Abu Zaid Choudry