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Dr. Farghal Ali 

one of the well respected and educated Imam with:

*  Doctorate titled with: " the stories in the Quran and its impact of Da3owa in the Islamic culture" year 2000.

* Masters titled with " The approach dialogue in the Holy Quran and its impact 

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of the Da3owa " year 1996.

*  A Bachelor's Degree in " Da3owa for the religious and of theology " from Al-Azhar in Egypt 

*  last but not least , A Diploma in specialization and traing with 10 tears experience in teaching 

*  Ranked 3rd place in the entire country of Eygpt in the year 1980.

call the Imam at ( 201)  344-5000 


جمع القراءات العشر الصغرى 23

​الشيخ أسامة حسن

Friday August 17th 2018

Dr. Farghal Ali

Friday Sep. 14th 2018

Sh. Rajab Qenawy

1st Jumah Prayer: 12:00noon in English

2nd Jumah Prayer: 1:15pm in Arabic

​​Prayer Times

​Friday July 27th 2018

Sh. Reda Sallam