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Friday Prayer June 7th

Dr. Farghal Ali

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Dr. Farghal Ali 

one of the well respected and educated Imam with:

*  Doctorate titled with: " the stories in the Quran and its impact of Da3owa in the Islamic culture" year 2000.

* Masters titled with " The approach dialogue in the Holy Quran and its impact 

of the Da3owa " year 1996.

*  A Bachelor's Degree in " Da3owa for the religious and of theology " from Al-Azhar in Egypt 

*  last but not least , A Diploma in specialization and traing with 10 tears experience in teaching 

*  Ranked 3rd place in the entire country of Eygpt in the year 1980.

call the Imam at ( 201)  433-5000 

Friday March 22nd

E. Anas Elbery

Sorat Al Baqrah Ramadan 1440 Dr. Farghal Ali

Sunday School

Al Ghazaly School

1st Jumah Prayer: 12:00noon in English

2nd Jumah Prayer: 1:15pm in Arabic

The Islamic Center of Jersey City (ICJC)

Condemns the  Terror Shooting at

 Congregation Chabad synagogue in Poway, California

(Jersey City, NJ 04/28/2019) - The Islamic Center of Jersey City Center (ICJC)  strongly condemns the terrorist shooting at

Congregation Chabad synagogue in Poway, California. Our thoughts

and prayers extend to the families of the victims during this difficult

time and to our Jewish brothers and sisters who have been impacted

during their Passover holiday.

The alarming increase in terrorist attacks and shootings against houses of worship demands us to continue denouncing all forms of hate and demands that those responsible for the cowardly acts be immediately brought to justice by their local authorities.

We stand together with the Jewish community, and call upon the interfaith community to renew our commitment to work together against the disturbing trend of attacks on house of worship.

Sorat Aly Emran Ramadan 1440 Dr. Farghal Ali

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